Dining with colleages

The good thing about business meal is that the meal is free. It is paid by the company. The bad thing about business meal is you eat with colleagues, and some of them are really picky on food. I was sent down to Santa Clara with an older guy from Mainland China. So when my local friends are busy, I am stucked with him. He taste is strictly Chinese, which I don’t really mind. However because he has diabetes, he cannot eat any sweet. He is so careful about his diet to the extend that he ensure the chef does not put sugar into the dishes. I guess with my allergy on shell fishes and egg, I shouldn’t blame him for his troublesome diet, since I am equally troublesome. Anyways, the food we can order is very limited. Despite the lack of choice, we came up with a very good menu tonight. We ordered steam rock cod, snow pea for main dishes and abalone for appetizer. I havn’t had such a satisfying meal for a long time. If I have to pay for the meal, I would order cheaper dishes.

I can understand picky on food out of health reason. It is a life and death matter, gota be serious. In the Santa Clara office, I am working with three Indians and they are all vegetarian. It is not fun eating with those guys. Selective diet base on religious reason is plain stupid. Why can’t religions update their out of date diet laws to be more civilized? Those diet laws are unscientific and unrational, left over from the dark ages. Yet, this is not the worst reason for selective diet, at least there is hope to enligthen them. I know some vegetarian stop eating meal because of humantarian reasons. They think eating animal are cruel. They are just a bunch of nuts! It is HUMANtarian, only applicable to human, not to animal. Animals are food for human, their have no right except being eat by us.

As long as we don’t eat the animals to extinct, so that the food chain won’t collapse, what is the problem of producing meat as cheaply as possible provided that it won’t affect our health? People in ancient time cannot afford eating meat all the time. Transforming from mostly vegatarian to a balanced meat and vegatable diet is a hugh progress for mankind. Turning back on meat and eating only vegatable is a step back in our civilization. Man can only be prosperous if we keep the progressive spirit. Say NO to vegatarian if you don’t want humankind lost its edge in natural selection, dethrone from the ruling seat of all living beings and an eventual extinction.

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