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Today, I am very honored to learn that one of my friend is a dedicated reader of my blog. She read it every day. She can even recall details in my blog entries that I forgotten myself. One of my intention of writing this blog is keep in touch with my friends, so they know what’s going on in my life.

Every week, my blog has over 500 readers with over 1000 page hits. 25% of them are returning readers, the rest are new comers channel from the search engines. I figure most of the returning readers are my friends. The new comers mostly linked in to read my reviews of books, movies and animes. My reviews usually ranked quite high in Google search in Chinese. Probably there ain’t many people like the titles I like, so mine are one of the few out there. The high page rank is partly contributed to the links I posted on, which is one of largest independent news website in HK, so it will bump up my page ranking in Google.

The topics in my blog is very diversified. Other than interesting things happening around me, I tend to write on whatever topic interests me. I could enhance the banding image of my blog and attract more returning readers by focusing on one topics like other bloggers. However, I don’t want to write for the sake of getting the eyeballs. Having 500 readers or 5000 readers doesn’t make a difference. I know I won’t make it to be a celebrity blogger, so the extra eyeballs won’t turn into real fame or money. I rather enjoy the freedom of unleash my thought and rationalize my anti-mainstream controvesal arguments.

Actually, having a steady 500 readers per week is not bad already. Provided that I did zero cross promotion and didn’t join any blog ring, blogger group chat via the comments to give a boost to the number. If I count the number of the mirror posting at inmedia and ttf, I have about 200 eyeballs per article.  I wonder out of the forty thousands blogs in HK’s blogosphere, what’s my blog’s ranking?

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