It seems photography is becoming the default hobbies of many guys as well as some girls.  Tonight I met with three old friends, all of them got digital SLR cameras and all quite into taking pictures.  Digital SLR turns photography from an expensive hobbies into an hobbies affordable to the mass.  You don’t need to spend hundreds dollars on films and developing the negative.  An entry level SLR and a decent computer with a large harddisk can get you a long way.  Photo sharing website let people show off their pictures, which satisfy man’s desire to express himself.  There are some skills involved in photography, but most of it are just experience and a spark of creative talent.  Since the judgement of a good photo is subjective, everyone can please themselve by self proclaim to be a master photographer.  You can always pick an aspect that makes your photos better in comparison.  Photography is a convineint way to satisfy ones ego.

My question is that out of the thousands and thousands of photos taken, how many of them will never see the light again?  If most pictures are just sitting in the hard disk without any purpose, what’s the point of taking all those pictures?  A picture may worth a thousand words, however a man can cognitively receive so much information at a time.  Overload the visual senses of your viewers with hundreds of pictures not as efficient as a few dozens quality pictures each with their own stories.

2 thoughts on “Photography”

  1. I print out the ones I like and put them into photo albums. Others go into DVD archive and probably won’t be touched again anymore.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. For real artist, the picture is supposed to tell something. For me, it just captures that moment. Those thousand words are only meaningful to me.

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