At work, I and a group of friends share an external hard drive for downloaded movies, mp3, TV series, etc.  We take parts in downloading torrents off the web.  Some download TV series, some other download movies.  I take care of mp3 and movies sometimes.  Last night it was my turn taking the hard drive home, copy new stuffs off from the disk and update the disk with my latest download.  Most of time, I contribute to the disk more than using the disk.  There is just not enough time to watch all the downloads.  I have a very bad habit every time I take the drive home.  I like to sample the new downloads.  I would start the new TV series in the disk, trying to get a feeling in what’s on TV in HK these days.  Once I started the first episode, it is hard to stop.  I keep watch one episode after another.  I have to blame this on TVB’s script writers.  At the end of each episode, they always leave a cliff hanger to keep the audience watching.  The TVB series are mostly soap operas, plots are built from the usual few templates.  It is just a waste of time, yet I wasted my time watching them.  I guess I should refrain myself from my curiosity, don’t open the first episode next time I got the hard drive.

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