I would like to announce to all my good friends that I am now official engaged.  My days of being single is numbered, I am moving on to the next stage of life.  The date of my big day is not yet confirmed.  It depends on the availability of the church, the booking of the restaurant for banquet at night and fortune of day in the Chinese calender.  In Chinese calender, each day is categorized being good for certain events and being bad for some other events.  The pattern of the good days and bad days are pretty random, I wonder how the good day / bad day is determined.  The calender publisher must use some kind of ancient equation.  Today is already in the 21st century, this good day /bad day scheme sounds so superstitious to me, yet the older generation still follows this non-sense rule in the Calendar fortune telling book.

Maybe I should revise that ancient equation to make it suits better of modern civilized way of living.  Then I will publish a new Chinese calender with my new good day / bad day scheme, so setting a day will be much more convenient.  Every weekend is a good day for getting marry.  Every weekday is a good day for opening business.  The scheme should take public holidays and season patterns into accounts.  For example, Christmas day is a bad day for wedding, since your guest will be busy for their own holidays and probably you can not book any church for the ceremony.  Of course, I will steer the good days away from the traditional bad days that everyone knows, like the ghost festival.  Other than those few obvious bad days, who can tell scientifically the difference in effectiveness between my calendar from the old one?

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  1. where are you pictures? i thought you said you have pictures of the hot air balloon on your website!!

    – angie

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