No wonder I am tried like hell when I got home today. I have a full day of work, plus 2 hours of driving and 4 hours of classes. That is almost like working a double shift. Fortunately, I only have one more class left on Friday.

At first, I just pick up firearm as a hobby. The more I read about firearm, the more I appreciate the reasons behind America’s forth amendment. In Canada, people are only allow to shoot as hobby, but firearms really should be intended for self protection and preservation of liberty. The argument is not intuitive, but elegant when lay out properly. I read two reports from the Fraser Institute, compare the crime rate in gun control countries before and after the regulation. The conclusion is gun control does not lower the crime rate. The criminals still have guns, but the victims now deprived of their means of self defense. If every people is rational and law binding citizen, then gun actually make the society safer. The only problem is there are crazy people shooting others once a while. This problem can be deal with if everyone carry a gun and learn to disarm the crazy guy at any sight of trouble.

Arguing in the scope of political philosophy, gun actually protect the liberty of the citizens. Without any means of self protect, good citizen can only rely on the police to protect themselves from criminals. In order to effectively protect defenseless citizens, the government have to increase the authority of police. Everyone knows increasing the police power will erode the liberty we enjoy in the society. Gun ownership promotes a smaller government, which is good for the economy and liberty. This pro-gun argument is still a very rough idea, I should give it more thought and write an article exploring it with further details.

3 thoughts on “Tried.”

  1. i dunno. these days, number of selfish, impatient people lacking self-control outnumber criminals. after hearing my friend telling that in LA, someone got shot to death after cutting lanes, i felt grateful that there is gun control here. i’ve seen road rage causing fight here, don’t want to witness shooting…

  2. You were tried like hell?
    I don’t agree with guns really. I would rather have policeman not carrying guns. This week in London alone 4 teenages were stabbed by knives and lost their lives. You know in Mongkok in HK people still kill each other with knives.
    I prefer knives. It makes things more interesting.
    Do you mean 1300 deaths in Canada by gun crimes per year, or so far in the history of Canada?
    That’s a lot of lives for me.

  3. I don’t want maniac to have guns either. The best scenario is only the well educated, well trained, good character citizens allow to carry guns. I don’t mind going through the troubles to take the lessons, write the exam to get my gun. But, after I got my gun, why can’t I legally carry it around?

    1300 gun death per year, 15% is homicide, 5% is accident and over 80% is suicide. If people want to kill themselves, using gun probably cost the less trouble to others.

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