Church picnic

Today my church, St. Mary, is having our annual picnic in a park by the Fraser River.  We have an outdoor mass, followed by food prepared by church goers, then a relaxing afternoon to enjoy the nice weather.  The church setup big tent with chairs to host the mass, but many people also bring along their beach chairs.  Since today is also the Canada day, many people dress in red, the color of the Canadian flag and there are lots of flags flying.  The food has lots of varieties, other western style pasta and bread, Chinese style noodle and rice, there are lots of Philippine dishes, since the church has many Filipinos.  The youth band was playing music after lunch.  They did not play those boring old fashion church hymns nor mushy praise and worship songs that call Jesus’ name in every other sentence.  They played some light country and rocks with meaningful lyrics.  While I lay down under the tree shades and enjoying the music, I felt asleep.  I was waked up by the laughters and noise of the games organized by church volunteers.  Little children and adults alike have fun playing tag-o-war and other group games, even the priest enjoy himself in the games.  This picnic in afternoon was a very relaxing way to celebrate the Canada day, a welcome break from my busy overloading life.

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