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When planning for a wedding, the two most important thing is the church and the banquet.  We booked the church for the ceremony with no problem, but finding a good restaurant to host the banquet at night is proven quite stressful.  We are looking for wedding date in next August, yet many restaurants are already booked, almost 1 year in advance.  I called many restaurants last week, they are already booked on the date of our choice, except a small restaurant.  I can only put down my name on the waiting list.  Pat keeps encourage me saying that we have to faith in God and things will work out and it did!

Kirin is the default restaurant for wedding banquet among my friends at work.  We checked the Kirin in Cambie and Richmond, but both of them are already booked.  Yesterday, Pat was looking for a place to have diner with a family friends in the newspaper and release there is also Kirin in downtown.  She called the downtown location and learned that although someone has the date on hold, they haven’t put down any deposit.  We went there for dinner at once, with cash in hand and determination to bump out the other party.   The restaurant called the other party as a courtesy giving them the opportunity to commit.  Probably it was guy who can’t make the call answering the phone and he cannot confirm without asking his fiancee, so we got the restaurant.

Now, I don’t have to worry about the venues of my wedding.  It can go ahead as planned on August 16, 2008.

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  1. I think that this Kirin downtown location is the best amongst all that I’ve visited…

    For those who are planning for wedding banquet, there will also be a Starlight Kirin coming up in New Westminster! I’ve seen the floorplan that it will be a phenomenal location – close to the casino and yet it remains as hosting excellence with traditional Chinese and modern western… with a Zen garden too! You guys can think about it too!!

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