Canadian Gunnutz

Canadian Gunnutz is a probably the most informative forum for Canadian shooters.  A forum is a virtual meeting place in the net.  It is hard to meet people loves shooting in real life, shooting is not a common sports after all.  It is important for the nurturing of marksmanship by talking fellow shooters, exchange tips for the skills or experience with different firearms.  The website also has a buy and sell board, let the members can exchange their firearms.  I think it is probably the biggest 2nd hand firearm resources in Canada.

It is fun to read the endless debate on which gun is better.  I don’t know whether is it people grow to love the guns they own or they buy the guns the because they love them.  It is easier to compare different models.  you can always look at the numbers and objectively determine which one is the right gun for the right task.  It is a lot harder to compare same model from different manufacture.  I have been looking to get a 1911, but there are over 20 makers fro 1911.  Even within the same maker, they offer a dozens of variations.  A custom made 1911 can goes from several thousands to several tens of thousands.  Production 1911 sells from eight to twenty hundreds.  Chinese copy is selling for as long as four hundreds.  I think after reading all the postings, take balance between price and quality, I will go for a mid-range Kimber 1911 for the best value.

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