Company Party

Company party is one of the most boring and time wasting event. I wasted a whole fine Saturday evening. If the food is good and there are have lots of door prizes, maybe it still worth my time. However, the winter party of my company offer none of them. The company party is simply not fun, party is not free, drinks are limited to two per person, the casino game uses fake money and the dance music is pretty lame. If I want to have fun with my friends at work, there are much better things to do than go to the company party. The only positive reason I can come up with for the party is it is a great way to know the spouse of your colleagues. Normally don’t see the spouses of your colleagues and you don’t get to introduce them to your spouse. It is nice to let your spouse know your friends at work, so when you whim about work at home, she can link the names with the faces.

2 thoughts on “Company Party”

  1. I second your take on company parties…
    and letting your spouse know your co-workers do help in a marriage relationship =)

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