Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Time flies.  It is the almost the end of 2007.  I am on my way to a 3 weeks long vacation / wedding preparation trip to HK.  I probably won’t update my blog when I am away on vacation.  I will resume writing after I come back from HK on the  2nd week of January.

I have to do many things for my short stay in HK  I have to visit all my relatives, Pat’s relatives and prepare for our wedding.  I will have 4 days of free time from 4 Jan to 9 Jan after Pat come back to Vancouver.  For my friends in HK, I will try to contact you and let’s find sometime to meet up with each other.  Please leave me your contact in the comments, which is only visible to me.

See you next year.

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