Boast about the past

Old man loves to boast about their past, telling stories about their gold days.  Pat’s dad used to serve in the army, he always tell us his army stories.  He is very proud of he won the first place in the army shooting competition.  Unfortunately he last the trophy or medal or whatever certificate, so he couldn’t show us the prove.  Every time when he told me that story, I intuitively assume he is just boasting like other old men.  I think Pat also secretly doubt how trust worthy the story is.

Today I bring him to the shooting range to have some father-in-law, son-in-law bonding.  The last time he had touched a rifle was 40 years ago.  His skill is a bit rusty at first, but he regain it fairly quickly.  Provided that he haven’t fire a single shot for many years, his marksmanship is actually very good.  He can put all ten rounds into the black circle, something that I can only archive on a good day.  Now I have no doubt that he had won the shooting competition.  Taking into account he has age quite a lot, I am pretty sure he shots better than I do when he was young.  He looks so proud when he show the target sheet to Pat after we got home.  I guess he must be very happy today.  Not only that he enjoy shooting, he also proved his past glory.

I guess shooting is like riding a bicycle, once you learn the skill, you will never forget.

3 thoughts on “Boast about the past”

  1. Of course my daddy is the BEST!

    Remember you gotta shoot a heart for me before our wedding date, ok?

    It is your promise!!

  2. Hey I cannot believe that I actually ended up with gun-shooting with you guys…

    Actually I still wanna vomit after the long ride from Langley…

    It is good, I guess. Sensational! I’m just so tired at the moment~

    Thanks for all the encouragement. Dunno if I’ll do better next time… or if not I will have another shooting time 🙂

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