Vacation at home

After over 24 hours of flying, finally I arrived at the Vancouver International Airport.  The long flight from India to Canada is though, taking off at 3a.m. make it even worse.  Usually when I take vacation, I will fly away from home and spend my times off in some where else.  This is the first time I fly back home for vacation.  I have a 2 weeks break in between my 2 months India assignment.  Life would be quite miserable if I have to stay there for 2 months continuously.  Actually it is not really a vacation, I still have to come to work in the head office.  However, comparing to working in India, going to work in Vancouver already seems like a vacation to me.

2 thoughts on “Vacation at home”

  1. nice to know you have a blog =)
    hope its possible to feed it to my google reader so i can keep up with your news…

    sorry to hear that india was so terrible @__@

  2. WELCOME HOME!!!!!

    What is going on with your hands?

    I already ate your curry instant noodles for siu yeh at home last night… hehe

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