Back to Bangalore

Love it or hate it, I am back to Bangalore.  I will spend my April living in this strange world, again.  This time I am much more well prepared.  I bought lots of food supply, medicine, face mask.  I don’t feel as disoriented as the first time when I got off the plane.  Living here is far from comfortable, but at least I am not as miserable as last time.  It is only a month anyways and time flies, soon I will be heading home.

This time when I arrive, I am not the only one staying in the guest house.  My colleague, Mark, has already spent a week entangled in this straight place by himself.  I guess he must be glad to see me.  Just like my first week, Mark was feeding off from the Forum Mall.  Mark must be pretty sick of Indian dinner, so we head out to M.G. Road for a nice dinner in a real restaurant after work.  Here is my dinning rule, I will only dine at restaurants serving real food.  I will not have Indian food anywhere except at a 5 star hotel and I will only have Indian dinner at most once a week.

This weekend is the Indian New Year and we have a four days long weekend.  I will be visiting Taj Mahal with Mark.  Although Taj Mahal is the symbol of love, two guys visiting Taj Mahal together does not imply gayness.  No, we will not be holding hands like the Indian guys.  You can see Indian guys holding hands on the street.  They look gay but they ain’t.  I guess it is culturally acceptable here for friends holding hands walking down the street.  Stay tuned for my report on the New Delhi and Taj Mahal trip.

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