Project perceptions

Just come across a funny cartoon describes a typical project and the perception according to each stakeholder.

typical project

This cartoon really describe my experience with the Indian contractors.  My project description may not be perfect, but it seems the Indian guys always implement my requirement in an unexpected way.  The outsourcing firm promised a lot but the code delivered are crab.  I have to review every single line of their code to make sure nothing will blow up.  The document is not very helpful, if it exists at all.  The cost is pretty high, the outsourcing firm pockets 80% of our expense, only 20% go to the salary of the contractors.  The support is patching, the time zone difference makes turn around time very slow.  At the end, all i want is some working code.

3 thoughts on “Project perceptions”

  1. you forgot one frame: development cost received – which, if u’re lucky, maybe enough to buy a rope (which the project leader may find handy when it all turns ugly……..)

    sounds like you’re in a bit of a hole there. do you think it’s come to this because the team from your outsourcing company is crap, or is it because of poor development/support processes? surely u’d get some documentation (whether u can understand it though, is another matter……)

  2. Wipro is really crap. We always joke that we are Wipro kintergarden. They gave us junior engineers, then we train them up so that Wipro can use them for other contracting projects.

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