Yakisoba Sandwich

Yakisoba Sandwich

Today I tried a very unusual sandwich, yakisoba sandwich.  I have heard of this sandwich from a childhood cartoon.  The characters love having the Yakisoba sandwich all the time.  I thought it must be a joke in the cartoon, who would want to eat sandwich with no meat or veggie, but it turns out yakisoba sandwich is real!  Yakisoba is Japanese fried noodle, so Yakisoba sandwich is Japanese fried noodle inside a bun.

The taste is OK.  It taste like yakisoba and bread.  However having double dose of cabrohydrine seems a very weird combination.  I have no idea why Japanese would come up with this silly sandwich.  Apparently, it’s quite popular in Japan.  If people are stupid enough to believe having the no-carbo Atkin diet will lose weight, maybe I can start a new all-carbo diet fad.  I can create a series of double carbo sandwich such as  fried rice sandwich, french fries sandwich, toast sandwich, cereal sandwich and ultimate sandwich sandwich, which is a sandwich bun inside another sandwich bun.

3 thoughts on “Yakisoba Sandwich”

  1. if you ever come to sydney, you might wanna try a local sandwich speciality: chips (french fries) sandwich with gravy, and it’s pretty popular too……

  2. Hey… wapiko is going to treat all her friends a yakisoba submarine, including cows!

    Here you go!! *MOO MOO*

    (Kokono darekana shii ni soro soro o!)

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