T minus one

T minus one and counting.  Only one more day from my big day.  Things are piling up.  I already passed the point I feel nervous or pressured.  I simply could not feel anything.  Tonight, my groomsmen and bridesmaids met and have dinner together.  It is the first time the whole group is gathering in one place.

We had done the church  rehearsal, it’s funny that the guy who conduct our rehearsal seems even more stressful than we are.  He lost his temper over some silly questions, yelled at us and have to walk to the side to clam himself down.  Maybe I simply have the talent to push people over the edge, or maybe he is just nuts. The only thing important in the church is the entry, the exchange of the ring and the exit.  Who cares about the liturgy, no one knows the “correct” way anyways.  If we screwed up and missed some steps, as long as we improvise on the spot, no one will notice.

Traditional Vancouver special style wedding requires lots of work and co-oridination.  I am glad that we have lots of good friend helping us out.  With their help, we are in reasonably good shape.  I stronger suggest those who are about to get marry, consider keeping it simply.  Travel wedding just with the family and a few close friends would be much easier.

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  1. don’t worry about the ceremony, remember how much we improvised in Leslie & Loretta’s wedding. From exchanging vows to bible readings to signing the certificate. Oh, you didn’t improvise, it was Leslie, Loretta, Tommy, Me, Louis, Gavin, etc. ho ho. So don’t worry, as long as you’ve the bride there, things will fall into the right places!

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