Farewell Bangalore

It is my third time visiting Bangalore. The city still sucks and I don’t have any pleasant experience with it. However, I am getting over all my uneasiness of India and become indifference to the surroundings. I just came to release Bangalore is the forth city I spent most time of my life. I spent almost 3 months here for my three trips combined. Only after Hong Kong, where I was born, Canada, where I grew up and California, where I worked and visit once a while.

Compare to my first two trips, this time I have a very difference altitude returning to India. I come here to work and I get away once my work is done. I did not take many photos this time, only beer pictures with my colleagues at dinner. I no longer amused by the strange sights in India. Cows on the streets and rush hour traffic madness seems so common to me. I still got ripped off a few times, but I laugh at my stupidity and learn the lesson instead of feeling anguish about my lost. I have confirmed my bias and stereotypes about Indian culture and I learned how to cope with it. Just don’t take anything for granted in this country. They can screw things up in the most unimaginable way. I still hate Bangalore, but I am getting accustom to it.

One thought on “Farewell Bangalore”

  1. Yo!

    ba ba dai ngok hui shik lai min shik ga lei
    ba ba dai ngok yuen fu poon yu shik yu gaab
    ba ba yu ngok dui juek hoi on
    yin hou yu on siu bin
    yin hou kau ji gei lai lin!

    Make sure you know this song well!
    Obviously you haven’t sung this song enough for yourself in Bangalore… this is DA SONG for survival!
    It’s comparable to Tong Sam Chong getting the ‘bible’ from the West! Btw, he went to India to perform this… how beautiful =) buddy!!

    time for karoke!!

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