Box Kleenex is gone, what’s next?

In a recession market, it is understandable for a company trying its best to cut its budget in order to stay afloat. However, cutting the supply of box Kleenex to the employees is way too cheap. Not only the box Kleenex won’t save the company much money, it also send the wrong signal to the employee. There is a fine line between financial conservative and simply stingy, cutting the box Kleenex definitely had crossed the line.

Now box Kleenex is gone, what’s next? I am pretty sure the company is seriously considering cutting the toilet paper. Maybe that’s why they send us to India, prepare us for a paperless toilet. Instead of having toilet paper in the toilet, they will put a small bucket in each stall like in the Indian office. After you done your business, you can fill up the bucket with water and then use it to clean your bottom. Then maybe they will cut the utensils in cafeteria. Why waste money on plastic forks or money to wash the metal forks. We can eat with our hands too! The only thing that you have to remember is the left hand is the toilet hand, the right hand is the eating hand. Don’t mix up!

11 thoughts on “Box Kleenex is gone, what’s next?”

  1. so did they replace kleenex with something cheaper like house brand tissues, or just got rid of tissues altogether?

    u may have heard this story before: back in the old days when atv used to make money, toilet paper was rationed……i suppose if this can really help your company make money and save your job, it prob isn’t too bad right?

  2. My company cut the deliver of daily newspaper. It saves HKD300 per month for the company.

    Does that make a big difference? I don’t think so.

  3. No, they don’t replace kleenex with anything. We have to bring our own kleenex now.

    I don’t think cutting the kleenex make any difference. At most it a hundred bucks a month. Those money is gone in 1 executive meal.

  4. I noticed we replaced all the urinals with the “waterless urinals” in the company HQ when I visited in March 2008. It is supposed to save water of course but I have no idea how it really works.

  5. i’ve worked in a building with waterless urinals. it definitely didn’t stink. in fact, if not for the big poster right above it, no doubt put up by the smartass in building management who thought of the idea, it simply wouldn’t have crossed your mind that it’s waterless…..

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