India’s new soft drink

The Japanese had pioneer urine drinking as natural medicine, now the India push the edge eve further, marking a soft drink from cow urine. I can’t believe it is real, but here is what I read form the news, see it yourself at this link. We all know the Hindus think cows are holy. On top of it, according to the news, they think drinking “cow water” can purify your soul. Cow urine and dung are actually consumed by some Hindus in religious rituals. Although the new soft drink is made of cow urine, it is filtered clean and added herbs medicines. Apparently, the company claims it tastes good and very healthy. For those who will travel to India, I dare you to try a bottle of this new soft drink. Next time when I travel to India, I will definitely bring back a few bottle back home. What a perfect gift!

6 thoughts on “India’s new soft drink”

  1. Yo, please limit your new soft drinks storage and sharing at work. Don’t bring them back home.

    I personally have to deal with a lot of little children’s at work and dog’s at home. So it’s ok not to share with me about the drink.

    In addition, our doggy will get ‘jealous’ for having some other animals pee pee smell around.


  2. Uncleray: When I go to India, I will stop over in HK. I can bring you a bottle of cow water. You can try it first and tell me how it taste.

    Wife: maybe we can feed it to Charlie.

  3. “maybe we can feed it to Charlie.”

    Pat, wasn’t there some Chinese medicinal benefit from child’s pee pee? Hmmm, you know what I think can be fed to Horace? (smile)

  4. This drink is not weird at all! Not to me, at least. I do travel a lot because of my job and every now and then have different experiences: some unheard of, some unthinkable and to some extent,”dangerous”, but everything is possible in this world these days and I myself had varied experiences you may not even dare experience yourself. How open your mind is to expanding world “progress”?

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