Own goal

I really want to kick myself. Today is the final match of the company’s foosball tournament. After a week of round robin playoffs, we beat the other teams to place ourselves in the final match. The match is the best three out of five games. We did not have good start. We lost the first two games in a row. But we didn’t give up. We stayed clam, fought back and won the next two games. On the fifth game, the battle is tense, we were leading 4-3. We only have to score one more point to become the champion. At this very critical moment, I made a fatal mistake. I kicked the ball into my goalie and score an own goal. The game ends a brief moment later when the other team score a clean shot.

We were so close to wining the tournament and yet we missed it. I feel really stupid myself. Although it’s only a game with nothing on stake, except the bragging right at the foosball table, I still feel quite down for losing the game like this. In sports anime or comics, the protagonist always come back after falling behind in the beginning. They always put up a good fight and triumph at the end. How come I never seen any story ends with an anti-climax like mine? In 94 World Cup, Andres Escobar of the Columbia scored a own goal and sent the team home. He was murdered by anger soccer fans shorted after he went back to Columbia. At least my partner didn’t try to kill me, but I am sure he will make fun of me for a long time.

5 thoughts on “Own goal”

  1. ah well these things happen……maybe watching this will make you feel a bit better 🙂 fyi these two teams are fierce rivals, think montagues and capulets, only without the attractive young scions

  2. kimpton: own goal is really stupid and worse in front of a group of spectators

    tzigane: that’s the fault of the goalie, the defense won’t expect the goalie miss the pass

    uncleray: it’s not about losing the game. it about how to lose the game. if we fight hard but lose at the end, it’s much easier to swallow than losing with a stupid own game.

    david: yeah. that’s why comes to my mind when I start writing it too.

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