Organic food

Organic food is getting more and more popular these days. Health conscious consumers love to buy organic products, despite its higher price. Organic food suppose not to use any chemical fertilizer or pesticide. However any farm can put the organic label on its product due to lack of organic certification. I always wonder how organic the organic food I found in the super market. One thing for sure, you cannot trust organic food that is made in China. You are lucky if the Chinese farmer use real chemical fertilizer or pesticide instead of toxic industrial chemicals.

On a second thought, the organic label is quite misleading. Strictly speaking in the language of Chemistry, all food is organic. Unless something is made of metal or rocks, by definition it is organic, even it is made of plastic. If there are organic food, then there must also be inorganic food. But that would be very odd to say some food is inorganic. Is inorganic food eatable at all?

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  1. 我同意Organic food真的缺乏監管。很擔心有些Organic food其實是基因改造食物,加入了防害蟲的基因後當然就不需要再用農藥了。


  2. 不是鑽牛角尖﹐那是很valid的問題啊。近排有個新label﹐叫做green food。話比organic food仲環保喎。最扺死是這個green food label貼在蔬菜上﹐方死人地唔知棵菜係綠色。



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