BC election

Today I fulfilled my duty as a citizen, I cast my vote to elect the BC provincial government. The candidate I voted for in my riding lost, but the party I voted for won the election. The Liberal party is able to formed a majority government winning 47 out of 85 seats in the parliament. The best of all is the outcome of the referendum on the election system. The good old simple majority vote scheme defeated the new multiple transferable vote scheme that is so complex that no one really understand how it works.

I was away taking a vacation last week and I did not follow the election news closely. Actually I don’t have to get news to decide my vote. I hardly know the candidate I vote for and I just found out his name on my drive to the voting station. I don’t vote for the person, I vote for the party. I am not really a support of the Liberal, in fact I think they are far from a good government. My concern is the alternative is far much worse. The NDP is a left leaning party. If they win the election, it is guarantee they will raise tax and screw up the economy. The Green Party is even worse, their are policy is so extreme that you start to question their sanity.

It is quite interesting to see a few odd parties shows up in the ballot. There are the libertarian, the communist party, the conservatives and some party support BC independent. Too bad the race in my riding is very tight between Liberal and NDP, I can’t afford to waste my vote. If the Liberal is leading a comfort margin, I may give my vote to the communist party. Communist party of Canada, that’s cool!

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