Cleaning mold

Mold grows on the windows frame rail is very hard to clean. The steam cleaner helps me a lot by blasting them out, but the problem becomes what to do with the flying debris. I first tried to use a cloth covering area I am blasting, but I found the cloth get soak up with dirt pretty fast. I spent more time walking back and forth between the window and the sink to rinse the cleaning cloth. Then I remember when I went to see my dentist, he has some kind of vacuum sucking the water from the tooth drill and the loosen plagues form my month, I could use a similar idea. The only problem is regular household vacuum cleaner can not handle water, since the water in the air may short circuit the fan. I got myself a wet/dry shop vacuum for this task. A shop vacuum use negative pressure to create suction, so the air does not flow through the fan directly. My only complain is the hose of the shop vacuum is pretty heavy. I have to put it around my neck and let my shoulder carry some weight. Now I work very efficiently with a steam cleaner and a shop vacuum and somehow I think I look like a dentist.

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