Double Down

It seems everyone is crazy of KFC’s new double down sandwich. It is two piece of fried chicken sandwiching bacon and cheese. Colleagues at work made a trip to KFC during lunch just to try it out. When I was in KFC today, everyone is ordering a double down. I don’t think it taste that great and it’s really greasy. Probably after the novelty wears off, the hype will fade. The hype partly thanks to the stupid Ontario Premier who propose ban the selling of it and make it a national news. It sounds very unhealthy but it’s actually not worse than a Big Mac. Both of them has 540 grams of calories and 30 grams of fat. A double chess whooper at Burger King is worse, which has 670 grams of calories and 30 grams of fat. If Ontario going to ban double down on the risk to health, they pretty much have to ban all fast food.

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