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Graphic Novels 經典之作

31st Mar 2016 - 09:11pm 動漫, 書評
近年圖畫小說(graphic novels)在外國愈來愈受重視,不少學校和圖書館亦鼓勵學生閱讀。一來是權宜之計,美國學生閱讀水平下降,對於艱深的小說和文學作品,既看不懂更沒有興…

Salt A World History – Mark Kurlansky

5th Mar 2016 - 10:13pm 書評
In every age, people are certain that only the things they have deemed valuable have true value. The search for love and the search for wealth are always the two best stories. But while a love story is timeless, the story of a quest for wealth, given…