Road to Perdition

1989 年 我在喇沙讀1 D。 那一年喇沙仔也有參與那些社會活動。跟隨著師兄們的號召,我們喇沙也組了一個GROUP 一起去當時的灣仔新華社遊行抗議, FORM1 仔裡面我記得只有我同班長有去,我一向對政治很有興趣。 那一年發生的事,心裡留下了永不磨滅的印記。

三十年過去了, 多少年記得當年的學生? 王丹? 吾爾開希? 柴玲?

王丹坐了十年牢,去了美國念書,現在在臺灣做大學老師。 吾爾開希也只是一個在臺灣的邊緣人物。還有一個柴玲,逃到美國去了,在那裡被一個說過要幫助她的牧師強姦。


This is not a fucking game. Those blood are real. 不知道現在這些所謂的勇武派真的看到血的時候, do they have the stomach to take it。 在連登上還看到有人幻想著和解放軍打巷戰。 只有沒有見過坦克的人才會歡呼著坦克進來。

What do we want? A HK government of the people, by the people , for the people. OKAY 林鄭是撲街,the government is dysfunction. Not at this ideal government state, but until this moment it is still relative efficient and clean government 甚至好過好多民主國家的政府。 There are issues, but the solution is not a riot that the eventuality is bring the tank in town for a complete destruction. 只手骨折,不使截肢甘激烈的手段吧。

Sure , once the tank is here, You guys can proudly say that I told you so. 共產黨系惡魔。 so you proved it, your life move backward, no more Facebook, no more this chat group. There will be no LSCOB committee for you to complain. 你可以在屋企細細聲同你老婆講。“死撲街共產黨” That’s the only freedom you will have left.

過去四十年共產黨can be ruthless, 但是和獨裁君主國不一樣。 這個專制的組織是由幾個寡頭透過一些DUE PROCESS來施政的,他們的施政還是以改善中國人民的生活水準為目標的,和民主政府的政客為了選票而虛假承諾不一樣, 這個政體,只有實際的改善了民生的官員才能升遷。當然裡面有貪污腐敗裙帶關係,不完善。 但是IN GENERAL, 在一個大比例上,還是以民生改善指數為依歸的。 而過去四十年共產黨治理下這個國家的民生改善是不容忽視的。 說的不好聽, 香港最窮的200萬人,活的是不如內地城市裡最窮的三分一人口的。

CCP can be reasonable, it is not one person rule, some within the regime are relative mild and were sympathy with the HKer’s cause , for a better government.

但系拉著港獨的橫幅, 抱著英美國旗, LAWLESS RIOT。 Is not going to get those sympathy, it will only feed the beasty side of this regime. Some naive hotheads , they think CCP will not dare to destroy few hundred billions of value. 所以他們不會送坦克。 There is an irony in this claim. If CCP is as evil as they claim, why would they care of few hundred billions of HK value when HK is on a verge of open revolt. They have done worst at even more difficulty times. To believe they will not do this now is plain foolish wishing.

如果不割席, 不堅持和理非。 勇武之路 is a road to perdition. You gain nothing , so what if you prove you are right.

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  1. 我生於香港, 我只想不同政見的成年人能好好的坐下真心的倾吓去行解决現在的困局, 不是每星期的無休止警民大戦!

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