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CZ 452 .22 rifle CZ452 User Manual
– The best value beginner’s rifler


Glock 17 9mm semi-automatic pistol Glock User Manual
– The standard equipment of police force around the world

Glock 17

Remington 870 12 gauage 2 3/4″ shotgun Remington 870 User Manual
– A classic pump action design from the most well known shotgun maker

Remington 870

Beretta 92FS 9mm semi-automatic pistol Beretta 92 User Manual
– The gun of Chow Yun Fat staring as “Mark Gor” in A Better Tomorrow and Keanu Reeves staring as Neo in the Matrix

Beretta 92FS

Matrix Mark Gor

Colt Python .357 double action revolver Colt Python User Manual
– The gun of City Hunter

Colt Python

City Hunter

Walther P-38 9mm semi-automatic pistol P-38 User Manual
– The Nazi pistol in WWII
– Megatron



Dan Wesson PM7 1911 .45 semi-automatic pistol Dan Wesson 1911 User Manual
– 1911 is the most popular semi-automatic pistol of the century

Dan Wesson PM7 1911

River Rock Arms Elite CAR AR15-A4 223 assult rifle AR15 User Manual
– Civilian version of M16


FHN A-4 SPR .308 win sniper rifle
– FBI sniper rifle


Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 semi-automatic pistol
– The gun of many ultimate bad guys in the movies

Desert Eagle

Ruger single action revolver
– Guns in classic cowboy movies

Ruger SA

S&W .44 double action revolver
– The gun of Clint Eastwood starring as Dirty Harry

S&W .44

Dirty Harry

Remington 700 hunting rifle
– The civilian version of M4

Remington 700

Benelli M2 Shotgun
– The best competition shotgun with inertia action

Benelli M2

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