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Media overdose

When I am doing something, I tends to overdose. I have a habit to write a review for all the books I read, anime, movies and TV shows I watched. I often have back-log my reviews, since it takes time for me to organize my thoughts before writing the blog entry. Somehow I found that I often back-logged reviews of the same kind. Last year, I clearly remember I had for a period of time I overdosed movies, wrote 6 movie reviews in a row. Then at another time, I overdosed animes, wrote 6 anime reviews consecutively. This time I have back-logged three book review entries and I am working on another 3 books in parallel. I am in the middle of the book cycle at the moment. It seems that when I consume one type of media, I tends to overdose until I feel guilty for having too much of it and move on to something else. Eventually after I rotate all the different medias, I will come back again and repeat the cycle. I remember a long time ago, I set my goal for a balance media diet. I mandate myself to consume at least one entry from each type of media every month. If I average out my annual media consume, I did better than the minimum requirement. However, the consumption of each media type always comes in large chunks. My media diet would be more healthy if I maintain a balance profile, or does it really matter?