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Say NOYES to Pets on Planes!

The airline industry is losing money when the passengers are cutting travels in the current market downfall. In order to make more money, the airline health allows people to bring pets for an extra charge. However allowing pets inside passenger cabin poses serious health risk to travelers with respiratory problems, like allergies or asthma.

Air inside the cabin is close-circulated, there is not escape from allergens no matter how far your seat from the pet. In some seriously ill patients, even a small dose of allergens from pets could be deadly by causing suffocation. We should not put any human life at risk just to satisfy pet lover’s twisted affections to their pets. Pets belong to the cargo compartment, they should not be allowed riding the plane with human.

Please sign the petition for a pet free passenger cabin at Canadian Lung Association

Singapore Airline

Singapore Airline

I am flying Singapore Airline to India this time instead of Lufthansa.  The flight takes longer, but unless you are really in a hurry, I would recommend taking over Lufthansa any day.  Singapore airline is voted as the best airline in the world and I am really impressed by its service.

The seats of SQ is more comfortable than other airline with more leg rooms and wider seats.  The SQ plane feels so spacious compare to the planes of other airlines.  There are also more space in the toilet and the kitchen area.

The food service is super.  It is the first flight meal actually taste close to a real meal on ground.  Once on board, they hand out a menu listing all food and drinks available, so I know what I can order when the air hostess come by.  The air hostesses serve drinks more often than other airline.  They run the drink cart down the aisle twice back to back every time, so I can refill my drink.

I think the crown jewel of SQ is their entertainment system.  Not only each passenger has a mini TV, there is a huge collection of movies and TV.  This plane probably have more movies than the downloads in my hard drive.  All movies and TV are on demand, so you don’t have to work around the movie schedule.  You can start watching anytime you want and you can pause or fast forward in the movie.  On top of the in flight radio broadcast, the system also keep a library of complete CDs.  There are over 10 Chinese CDs of the latest albums from famous singers in HK or Taiwan.  The entertainment system is so overwhelming that I don’t know what to watch.

The ticket of Singapore Airline is more expensive, but extra comfort definitely worth the premium, especially when the ticket is paying by the company.

Booking my flight to India

This afternoon, I was booking my flight to India.  There are not many airlines flying direct to Bangalore.  I am not adventure enough to take an internal flight inside India, so my options are limited.

The most straight forward path is taking Air Canada/Lufthansa, making a transfer in Frankfurt.  The connection time is perfect, not much time is wasted in the airport.  The itinerary looks great except it is flying via Europe.  India is exactly 12 time zones away from Vancouver, so flying west should be the same as flying east.

Only Singapore airline have direct flight to Bangalore.  Somehow, the travel booking websites somehow couldn’t route the flight via Singapore.  They always route it through Europe.  I have to print out Singapore airline’s flight schedule and try to work out the connect flights myself.  Singapore airline only flies 3 days a week form Vancouver to Singapore, so I can’t leave on Friday as planned.  The flight arriving at 11p.m and the daily flight from Singapore to Bangalore is at 10p.m.  The timing of the connect flight is not looking good.  I can also fly to San Francisco first, then to HK, then to Singapore and catch the direct flight to Bangalore.  It will be 3 stops compare to 1 stop taking Lufthansa, not very desirable either.

At the end, I book with Lufthansa to save the trouble.  For the 2nd trip, maybe I will stop by HK and try the SFO route of Singapore airline.  Too bad that HK has no direct flight to Bangalore, yet.  Dragonair will have daily flight to Bangalore starting May 1.  Taking Cathy Pacific and Dragonair, stop over in HK would be the best flight itinerary.