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For a long time, I don’t understand why people buy a bluetooth stereo headphone. It is not a very big deal having the headphone wire between your ears and your phone. It turns out having a wire is very inconvenient when you want to listen to music to keep you awake while burping your newborn baby in the middle of the night . You simply cannot have any wire dangling or the baby will instinctively grep the wire.

I need a small headphone and I want to able to wear it lying down as well, so it pretty much ruled out most of the chunky bluetooth headphones. I wanted to get Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 at first, however it has pretty bad review, mainly very poor battery life. Then I come across the Jabra CLIPPER, whose biggest advantage is I can use any headphone I like. It is simply a bluetooth module with a 3mm headphone jack. It comes with a OK headphone, but I found the ear piece is not very comfortable, it tends to pop out sometimes. Other than that, it is pretty good sound quality and easy to use. It can be clipped on shirt and has 3 buttons remote control for the phone. The battery live is pretty good, it can last 6-8 hours according to the user manual. In my actual use, I can use it for 3-4 nights before charging depends on often the baby stay fussy.

Overall, I am quite happy with Jabra CLIPPER. It companies me for many sleepiness nights soothing the baby.