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Musica Intima – This Amazing Day

This Amazing Day

I have quite an unique concert experience last night at the performance of Musica Intima. This is a small group of armature singers singing in a carol choir unlike any choir you heard in the church or in school. Although the musical piece is arranged in SATB parts, their style is contemporary instead of traditional. In last night’s concert, they are singing poems from 19-20th century famous poets with newly composed melodies. The concert is at the Anglican cathedral in downtown and the venue is not very full. I guess this type of music is not really main stream.

I found the music very soothing. The vocal variety is great and undoubtedly the choir is very talented and able to preform very technical pieces. My only complain is the songs transform sound of the words in lyrics to an extreme to suit the melodies, as a result I could not understand most words in the lyrics. Luckily, before each pieces, a choir member will introduce the poem they are about to sing, or I will be totally lost. My favorite song is titled “sleep”, the choir even ask the audience to close their eyes to imagine the song and the poem as a dream. The concert is quite interesting, something worth to see at least once. But I might probably get bored seeing it the second time.