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Dropping standard

Every four moths, new co-op shows up in our company.  I don’t know whether is that I am getting old or it is really a fact.  I found that the standard of engineering students are getting worse and worse.

The first clue is the minimum grade in school to get a engineering school admission.  In the old days, you have to get over 90% in order to getting into the engineering school.  I heard that the admission average of engineering school is drop to 70% in the past few years.  It seems all the bright kids are flocked to study fiance and accounting.

The second clue comes in the computer knowledge of our co-ops students.  Newspaper says computer literancy is improving in Canada, but more people know how to use computer does mean they don’t how to use the computer better.  Many student only know how to use computer to surf the net, basic word processing and merely as a mean of communication and entertainment.  The general grow up with GUI seems totally clueless about the command prompt.  In the past, only those who loves into computer study computer, we know everything about the computer inside out.  Back then we don’t have computer classes, we just learn on our own by reading the manual.  Kids today are so used to spoon-fed computer knowledge, it seems reading the manual to learn has became a lost art.