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I went to a funeral tonight, the mother of my girlfriend’s friend had passed away due to cancer. The celemony is held in Catholic rituals. Usually I feel a bit uneasy going to funeral, but today I don’t have such feeling. Probably it is because the funeral is just a mass in the church I used to go to, the only difference is this time we got a corpse. I’m surprise to see that many people come to the service, the church is all packed, almost as crowd as in sunday morning. The old lady passed away peacefully, waited until she met all her loved ones. I think she must be a person to have such a blessed death. In her memorial presenation, it captured her thoughts in her last day. She didn’t question God why he gave her the cancer. Instead she said her life is in the hand of God, and it is already a gift to her to live one more day. Compare to similair sayings I usualy hear from other churches, when they talk about life is in the hand of God in the incident of other’s death. This time the words are from the heart of a suffered person with faith, no one can question her motivation. On the other hand, when someone other than the suffered one say those words, especially to the those who questions God’s about the death, all I can see is just a cold-blooded boiler plate peacher with no love. It’s hard to explain the subtle difference between these two, but that’s my inspiration of the day.