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Haven’t have so much fun for a long time, probably not since the university day. Tonight is Vanessa’s, a colleague wedding. The wedding itself is pretty normal, in some sense that it is kinda boring. There was not many games for the bride and groom. The only highly of the night is Jason’s son kissed all the female guests. After the wedding, the group went to karaoke to have more fun. I haven’t sung karaoke for a long time, too bad that the karaoke we went doesn’t have the latest songs. Since I don’t have to drive tonight, I can drink a bit more usual. After some wine during the wedding and a few beer in the karaoke, I’m half drunk and can speak freely without much consequences. Haven’t felt that kind of highness for quite some time, and I don’t will be the next time. The reality is I’m getting old and could not afford to go wild that often. Sigh.. middle ages is getting close, sometimes I wish I don’t have to grow up, always like a teenage. Well… however that’s not under my control anymore, the society force a person to mature. Remember the Bible said, only those who are like children can get into the heaven, then what’s wrong to behave like an innocent child?