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The Long-Haul Degree

I couldn’t but thinking problem of humanities is the lack of demand of humanities Ph.D. Other than university or community college, who has the need to hire an specialized educated humanities Ph.D.? Maybe the market is the solution, let the humanities graduate program shrink according to market demand. Maybe we will have a lot less humanities Ph.D and some department won’t survive, but it will better for the school (financial)and for the graduates (less competition, easier to find job)

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Can high school grades be trusted?

Credit shopping is nothing new. I did it when I was in high school many many years ago. I took my English OAC in a public school in summer because the English teacher in my school is really though. Buying the credit without studying is a bit too much, but it is natural that students will take the difficult courses with an easy teacher. For example, I got a 20% grade increase. That makes a huge difference in university application. The only fair admission system is public exam system like HKCEE.

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