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Anki, flash card program


A flash card software works like an old fashion flash card. You write new words on the side of the card and definition on the other side. You randomly draw cards from the deck to test how well you remember the words. A flash card software has more bell and whistlers, like search, filter, timer, progress tracking, etc. I can’t believe someone actually willing to pay $15 to buy iflash, an flashcard software.

I am not referring to download the software for free off the net instead of paying it. I am talking about how could anyone charge such a ridiculous price for such a small piece of software. The function of the software is pretty basic, it stores a list of words and randomly flash the word to test you. Any high school students can write one for his computer programming class project. If you are really desperate, you even write one using Excel. Best of all, there is actually a much better freeware version out there!

Anki is an open source flash card program support Windows, MacOS, Linux and a few other platforms. The stand alone software not only has every single feature of iflash, but also comes with an online version. You can synchronize your flash cards database to their server and retrieve the deck of cards anytime, anywhere. I just don’t understand why would anyone buy iflash?