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Lesbian bridesmaid

The wedding I went yesterday is pretty normal, except there was a lesbian bridesmaid. How do I know she is lesbian? It’s quite obviously. All the bridesmaids dressed in nice green dresses that match the theme of the wedding and this lesbian bridesmaid dressed in a green shirt and pants. Her tom boy look really stands out in the photo among other pretty girls, basically ruined the harmony looking bridesmaid picture. I had dinner with some friends attended the wedding today and we were all wondering what is she doing there.

Our group of friends then started the discussion on whether lesbian is allowed to be a bridesmaid. On one hand, lesbian are female, so she is technically qualified for a bridesmaid. On the other hand, lesbian does not look like female, so it doesn’t seem right to have a guy looking “thing” among the bridesmaids. If you think having a tom boy dressing in shirts and pants is OK to be a bridesmaid. How about a gay guy dressing in a skirt being a groomsman? In the end, we all concluded that having lesbian bridesmaid is OK, as long as she dress like other bridesmaids. I think even a tom boy could look decent if she put on some make up and a nice dress. If she doesn’t want to wear the girl dress, maybe she should consider being a groomsman instead!