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Today I bought two Canadian flags from Superstore at a discount after the Canada day. The flags are for Me and Pat to use in the World Youth Day. When groups of people from different country gather together, a way to identify yourself is by showing your nationality. I would display Canadian marks on my backpack when I try overseas. I feel proud of being a Canadian and the maple leaf flag is something I can associate with. Even though I’m Chinese and have a HK passport, I’ll feel ashamed displaying the Chinese flag. The five stars flag is one of the ugliest flag design and government behind it is even worse. If I have a choice, I would rather display the dragon flag of the Ching Dynasty. Then I tried to imagine what if I am living live in the States. Would I feel the same towards the American flag? People who associated with the US flag are usually stereotyped patriots. The word patriot has a negative meaning in my dictionary, which means people who are blindly follow the country without a critical mind. One does not have to be a patriot to love his country. Patriot is merely a label used by the authority to divided up its citizens. Every time I hear patriot in the news, either in English or in Chinese media, I feel really distaste towards those who mention this word.