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purpose of life

This topic somehow arised in our Lasalle email group. I guess if you ask 100 people, you will found 100 different answers. I think the quest for the purpose of life is fun but meaningless, except it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling and sophisticated chit-chat to impress your friends. One should not take it too seriously and stress himself out on those kind of mind traps. Just like religionous faith, this type of questions should just be treated as some kind of self amusment hobbies rather than an issue better than life or death. Somehow the topic later evolve into a discussion of my system of religious believes. Oh well… I guess I should starting think about a new entry in my theology/philosophy articles section. That is a piece of work I always want to write, but always too lazy to do proper research and preparation. Anyways, I should stop being distracted by this meaningless hobbies, gota concentrate on finishing my master degree first.