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A man always has two reasons for doing anything; a good reason and the real reason — J.P. Morgan


Ottawa won’t help woman stuck in Saudi Arabia

30th Oct 2009 77 6 News Clips
Is it just that the law of Saudi Arabia stupid or the Sharia law in general is stupid? Canadian citizen is kidnapped overseas and our government is not doing anything. I wonder what will the US government do in the same situation?…

Education in the Arab world

25th Oct 2009 25 0 News Clips
I wonder which one is more anti-intellectual, Marxism brainwash propaganda in the old communism era or the compulsory Muslim clergy education in nowadays Middle-East. Force feed religion or political ideology to school children will only…

Mumbai rampage

26th Nov 2008 120 4 Daily Scribble
The Mumbai gunmen rampage catch the headline of the news today. It also catch the attention of everyone in the office. Our company outsource to India and many in the team had traveled to India, so any news in India has great interest among us. Today…


10th Apr 2008 113 5 Daily Scribble
In yesterday afternoon tea break time, I have a very interesting conversation at work about Muslim. I have a Chinese (myself), a white guy (Mark) and an Indian (Ron) in the chat, representing pretty much the three main culture view in the world…

Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

1st Aug 2007 84 0 News Clips
Politically correct may makes people feel good about themselves, but it is the enemy of the Truth.…


20th Dec 2006 52 0 政治經濟
上星期教宗在一篇說中﹐引用中世紀拜占庭皇帝到回教的評語﹐ 引起一場不大不小的外交宗教風波。被引述那段說話是批評﹐先知穆罕默德帶來邪惡﹐一手拿劍一手拿可蘭經﹐宣揚以暴力傳教。各地回教徒認為這段說話冒犯﹐要求教宗道歉。教庭在稍後出來澄清﹐這段引言並不代表教宗本人的立場﹐這次演講內容的主要論點﹐是說基督教為理性的信仰﹐對比回教信仰的非理性﹐用意建立宗教間對話﹐而非挑起紛爭。很多外間評論認為教宗失言﹐他們的批評綜納為以下幾點﹐我會在此逐一回應嘗試為教宗辯護。…

Karen Armstrong 宗教講座

20th Dec 2006 128 0 宗教
今天晚上我去了著名的宗教研究家Karen Armstrong在UBC舉行的講座。聽眾對這個講座的反應十分湧躍﹐在幾天前我上網登記留位時已經全滿﹐我只好抱著一定會有臨時加位的心態去試試。我在開始前半小時去到﹐百多人的演講廳已經坐無虛席﹐沒有登記的人只好坐在兩旁的樓梯上﹐再遲些來的人要站在演講廳外聽。來這個講座的聽眾大多是上了年紀人﹐年輕的人不多﹐亞洲面孔的更是少之又少。這個演講的采用是對話形式﹐台上有兩張沙發﹐主持人向講者發問問題﹐營造一個互動交談的氣氛。…