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Mumbai rampage

The Mumbai gunmen rampage catch the headline of the news today. It also catch the attention of everyone in the office. Our company outsource to India and many in the team had traveled to India, so any news in India has great interest among us. Today some Muslim extremist launch multiple terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Gunmen take over the railway terminal and two luxury hotel. They had killed over 100 people and injured over 400. They also single out and kill foreigners from US and UK. The most scary part is I dined out a lot at those two luxury hotel chains in Bangalore. Mumbai is not like Kashmir, it is the business center of India, like New York to US. If terrorist attack can happen in Mumbai, it can also happen to Bangalore, the high tech center of India. The security in Bangalore is not very assuring and it had bomb attacks only a few months ago. It is quite dangerous traveling to India now. Oh! My boss is still in Bangalore, maybe he should cut his trip short and come home earlier.

I have been thinking how can we stop terrorist attacks from Muslim extremist. The ideal solution is either catch them and lock them up or simply kill all of them. Too bad that it is almost a mission impossible in a country with large amount of Muslims. You just can’t tell the good Muslims apart from the bad Muslims. In ancient time, before the government is constraint by human right regulations, the emperor can threaten to retaliate by killing everyone in the village the terrorists came form. This strategy works well against normal citizens under dictatorship in the old communist Russian and ancient China. However, this strategy may not work on Muslim extremists even we can ignore human rights. The Muslim extremists all prepare to die for Allah. If they decide to throw away their own lives, how can we expect them to take the life of their fellow villagers into consideration. Maybe they will think the villagers die as martyrs and going to join them in heaven.

If we want to threaten the Muslim extremists, we must hold something dear to them as the target of retaliation. Muslim extremists attack us because of religious causes. We must ask what is the most important thing to the Muslim religion? It is the holy city, Mecca, of course. Here is the perfect solution. If the Muslim extremists won’t stop their terrorist attacks, we should threaten to drop nuclear bomb on Mecca. Given enough warning for evacuation, wiping out Mecca would not have any causality nor loss of lives, so it does not violate any human rights. The Muslim extremists must learn violent will not solve anything, it will only hurt them more at the end.


In yesterday afternoon tea break time, I have a very interesting conversation at work about Muslim. I have a Chinese (myself), a white guy (Mark) and an Indian (Ron) in the chat, representing pretty much the three main culture view in the world except the Muslim’s. The nature of Muslim has always been a question roaming in my head. Is Muslim a peaceful religion as they claim or are they fundamentally evil? India has many Muslim, Ron has a lot more experience working and living with Muslim than us. Mark is a typical white Christian with a liberal mind. He reads quite a lot in the culture conflict issues. Together with my usual curious out of the box ideas and interest in religion issues, we have come to some very interesting insight in the discussion.

We are debating whether Muslim is a religion of violence and intolerance. It is fair for a religion trying to convert other people. Using Indian as an example, when British came to India, they built schools, ran hospitals, trying to lure in the believers. When the Muslim king ruled India, they simply put a knife on your neck and forced you to convert. We concludes that poverty is major cause of terrorist, but the Muslim believe definitely fueled the attacks. Is it much more easy to recruit terrorists if they believe violence act leads to heaven and there are 72 virgins waiting there. It is quite interesting to explain why Muslim is violence though. Muslim is a younger religion than Christianity. Today’s Muslim is very similar to the Church in middle age. Maybe Muslim is just on the nature evolution religion, experience the stage of violence and rebellious before maturing to be religion of love an peace like Christianity. If Muslim really is the biggest thread to mankind after Nazism and Communism, none of us can provide any satisfying solution.

One thing that we all come to conclusion unanimously is the loud speakers of the mosque is very very annoying. They bust prayer songs in high volume before dawn waking up everyone who is trying to get a good sleep. I guess the Mosque right outside of the guest house provide sufficient evidence to rule Muslim is a evil, if not stupid, religion. By definition, anyone who disturbs my sleep deem to be evil.