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Today is the 2nd faith formation session of the WYD team. In order to prepare for the long walk in Koln, we went to do hiking in Lynn Headwater Park. The first half of the hike is pretty nice, just flat gravel trail along the river. The second half is a bit tough, we have to go up and down on the hill side and even hike up to the peak viewing points. I volunteered myself prepared lunch for the group, so I made everyone a sandwiches last night. Pat complains about QC problems on her lunch, but at least no one is sicked. At one of the look out area up in the hills, we have a good view of Vancouver. Between us and the city, there is a huge forest area. I wonder, how did Vancouver look before all the trees are cut down, the land are turned into roads and buildings. Everyone enjoy the hike with praise and worship, station of the cross and faith sharing, except me. I’m fine with the church stuff, and I’m also fine with the long walk. What really bothers me is my running nose during the whole trail. Partly it is because I caught a cold last night, and partly it is due to hey fever from the trees and grass. I also have sour knees haven’t recovered from last week’s fun run. The hike is not really fun for me. On my way home, my eye libs feel so heavy. I guess after I finish writing my blog, it’s time for me to take a nap. I had a feeling that I will sleep all the way until tomorrow.