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Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125 Document Scanner

I had used many scanners in the past. My first scanner was a flatbed, I rarely use it since it is so inconvenient to use as I can only scan one page at a time. The second scanner was an all-in-one printer that comes with a scanner and a document feeder. The document feeder is handy but the scanning speed is quite slow, so I don’t use it very often too. Finally I got a document scanner, it is not a typical consumer scanner, it’s intended for small business market.

There are not many choices of document scanner out there, pretty much either Canon or Fujitsu. Both of them are equally good, both of them have very similar features and speed. The only reason I buy the Canon DR-C125 is because it is on sales at Amazon. The document feeder can hold 30 pages, it can scan up to 25 pages per minute and most important of all, it scans both sides at the same time. It so fast that it is actually faster than the big chunky photocopier-scanner at my office. The feeder also has a single sheet straight path to scan cards or thick paper. The only draw back of this scanner is it can’t scan books, so I still keep my all-in-one printer around just in case I need to scan a few pages from a book. Another down side of this scanner is the resolution, it only has 600dpi, more than enough when scanning documents, but when scanning photo the resolution is always higher the better.

Since I got this scanner, I start to digitize everything, turning my home into a paperless home. I like receiving paper bills but they take up lots of storage space, scan them. I have many old lecture notes that is probably useless but I don’t want to throw them away just in case I need some reference, scan them. Pat also digitized her sheet music library and get rid of 3 big boxes of paper. Moreover using a tablet to read sheet music is more convenient than carry around a big binder full of sheet music.