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A cruel practical joke

I just pulled off a Here is a very cruel but harmless practical joke on my friend today.  We went to have dessert after dinner and chatted for a long time.  When we are about to leave, my friend really want to go to the washroom.  Unfortunately the dessert place has no washroom, so I asked whether he can hold on until we go to a McDonald or gas station.  He said he really have to go, so we look for washroom in the shopping mall next to the dessert place.  It is quite late, so the mall is half closed.  We managed to sneak inside and locate the washroom.  I walked first, so naturally I grab the door handle of the washroom for him.  Out of the blue, I decide to pull a practical joke on my friend.  I pretend the door is locked and fake trying very hard to open the door.  It is so funny to see the look of my friend.  I think he almost at point of no return that he can no longer hold it anymore.  If I didn’t tell him at once the door is actually not locked, I think he could have peed in his pant.  Oh!  Yeah. I waited quite some time outside the washroom for him to finish his business.