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Lately, I’m getting in touch with my feminine side more often. Today I had tried my first facial treatment. Pat had bugged me to have facial treatment with her for quite some time. Today I finally gave in and go with her. Luckily, the beauty shop she usually go to is a home bussiness, that save me some embrassement. She had her treatment first, then I had my turn afterward. In summary, facial treatment are just regressive steps of applying different cream or solutions to your face, then wash them away with sponge. I think I’m the most ignorance customer the facialer ever had. I kept asking her question about the effect and material of each step. Other than all those cream, there are some other interesting steps such as: My face is steamed with hot vapour, which makes me feel like I am a BBQ pork bun. The dirt and oil clogging the pores at my nose are squeezed out, and it is less painful that I expected. An ultra-sound treatment to iron out my winkles and push nutrition deep inside my skin. At last, applying a mask is the last and most important step like all facial treatments seen in TV. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep for almost 20 minutes! After the facial treatment, I think my skin is softer and shinnier. Pat said my skin is even better than hers! Well… that’s the end of my exploration in facial treatment, doing facial is a female stuff after all. Man don’t need to do facial, so trying it once is enough for me.