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My Olympic Experience

28th Feb 2010 - 10:37pm Daily Scribble
I did not welcome the Olympic Games in the beginning. I worried about the tourist flooding the city and curse the Olympics cuts my ski season shorts. I never watch much Olympic Games, not even the 2008 Beijing Olympic. Before February 16, it seems…

小狗懶擦鞋 – 彭志銘

28th Feb 2010 - 01:38am 書評

Scientists Solve Mystery of Superinsulators

26th Feb 2010 - 11:28pm News Clips
Superinsulator is a Nobel prize worthy discovery. Remember these two names, Vinokur and Baturina, they will definitely get a Nobel prize if superinsulator turns out to be real just like superconductor.…

Researchers say eye strain a concern as 3-D TVs debut

26th Feb 2010 - 12:31am News Clips
I don’t buy into the hype of 3D TV or 3D movies. 3D TV is just a fad that comes and goes. It happens before and history will repeat itself. Forget about the lame 3D TV. Holographic TV is the real holy grail of next generation TV technology.…

團契之內冇真朋友 – 愛的恩泉小劇場

26th Feb 2010 - 12:24am 宗教
電台節目初稿(3 – 5 minutes) 出場人物簡介﹕ 小明 – 剛從基督教轉到天主教的慕道班新丁 小強 – 小明由細玩到大的朋友﹐無特定信仰背景﹐不一定要信天主教…

Olympic gold medal

24th Feb 2010 - 09:45pm Daily Scribble
How far is an Olympic gold medal? To the athletes, it’s thousands of hours of training and many years of hard work. To me, it’s 6 hours standing in line. In the past, normal people can only see the medal on TV or behind display cases…

The Social Panopticon And You

22nd Feb 2010 - 12:18pm News Clips
As a philosopher wanna-be, I always wonders why privacy seems to be good in the first place. Wouldn’t a total transparent society that everyone knows everything about everyone else at anytime minimize the transaction cost? So far my…

Fair dues

19th Feb 2010 - 11:45pm News Clips
Promotion often directly link to immediate and future monetary reward. If employee perceive unfair when a under performer gets more money than he deserved, it would be even worse if the under performer is promoted.…


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