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盜版盜版,誰盜誰的版? 劉宇凡

23rd Mar 2012 - 09:04pm 中文剪報
This article summarize the history of intellectual properties and its problem. I agree to limit the use of patent as offensive legal weapon to stop competitors and return the copyright period back to 14 years.最近香港某大學進行有關消費者購買盜版光碟的調查,…


13th May 2009 - 09:45pm 中文剪報
I want my ash become a diamond, but I am still more fascinated by the idea of ash hour glass…


19th Aug 2007 - 10:17am 中文剪報
This is really the core value of Hong Kong, not the commonly demonized Central value nor the so called local value of the minority.…