The is a collection of my philosophy essays from my studies in the post baccalaureate diploma in philosophy at Simon Fraser University.

PHIL120 Moral Philosophy

Don Marquis’s view on the Morality of Abortion
Is Abortion Morally Permissible or Wrong?
Tom Regan’s Argument on Animal Rights
Do we have a moral duty to become vegetarians?

PHIL 201 Epistemology

Proofing the existence of external world
The coherence theory of empirical knowledge

PHIL 203 Metaphysics

On Fatalism
Problems of McTaggart and the unreality of time

PHIL 220 Political Philosophy

On Liberty – John Stuart Mill
Marxism and Exploitation

PHIL 280 Existentialism

Nietzsche and Eternal Recurrence
Critics of Freedom and Responsibility

PHIL 300 Introduction to Philosophy

Cogito, ergo sum
Problem of Induction

PHIL 320 Political Philosophy

Modified Principles of Justice
Homeless and Still Free

PHIL 333 Philosophy of Biology

Does natural selection explain why you and I have opposable thumbs?
What is function in biology?

PHIL 334 Philosophy of Language
Locutionary and Illocutionary Acts

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