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Tongue twisters

1st Jan 2010 - 03:01pm News Clips
I always thought Chinese is the most difficult language to learn with its tonic pronunciation and different writing system than European languages. It turns out the grammar rules of the most difficult language is way more complicate than…

Teen slang: Enter at your own risk

12th Sep 2009 - 11:53am News Clips
I no longer a teen, I am over 30 and I am old. I found myself I couldn’t keep up with the new slangs. (Did I ever keep up with the slangs?) I might not use the new slangs, but its comforting to know there is a way to decode it.…

Romanization of Chinese

18th Jan 2009 - 08:50pm Daily Scribble
Romanization is a way of writing non-English languages using English characters. There are many ways to romanize Chinese. It is very confusing, since there different spelling of a Chinese term in English. People grew up in China use Pinyin,…