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30th Jun 2005 - 08:58pm Daily Scribble
I have a dental appointment today. After visiting the dentist, my mouth feel funny for the whole afternoon. I used to be quite positive seeing dentist, but it changes when I had my first bad teeth last year. I used to be very proud of my good tooth.…

German 3

29th Jun 2005 - 11:03pm Daily Scribble
I finished my 8 lessons of German 3. This is a semi-private course at the teacher’s place. I think it is much better than the classroom course offered at the Vancouver school. The class is smaller, each of us get more time. The environment…


28th Jun 2005 - 08:12pm Daily Scribble
I haven’t done a table topic in the toastmaster meeting for quite a while, so I volunteer myself today. Today’s toastmaster meeting is more special than usual, because it is the club got chartered. We invited the district governor…

Futureshop Warrenty

27th Jun 2005 - 08:42pm Daily Scribble
When I bought my palm pilot a few years ago, I knew it is going to break down when the manufacturer warranty expired. So I spent $50 to buy the buyer protection program of future shop, hoping to get a new unit when my palm is beyond repair. The no lemon…


26th Jun 2005 - 07:22pm Daily Scribble
I am very exhausted today. After the auction dinner last night, I have to get up early at seven thirty this morning for another fund raising event, car washing at St. Paul. I think the word volunteer work or WYD promotion as a more appropriate description.…


25th Jun 2005 - 08:45pm Daily Scribble
I was being a sales last week and I became a waiter this week. Tonight is another fund raising event for the World Youth Day. It was an auction dinner. I don’t really like this idea when it first proposed because it takes too much work. Indeed…

Walk the dog

24th Jun 2005 - 08:12pm Daily Scribble
I found taking care of Charlie, the golden retriever of Pat, is quite time consuming. I have to remember feed him every morning before I go to work and go home early to feed him dinner. Since he is very bored staying home all day, I try to walk him every…


23rd Jun 2005 - 08:34pm Daily Scribble
There is another round of layoff today in the company. We had already lost track of the number of layoff, it maybe the fifth or the sixth round. It is not affecting the Headquarter in Burnaby at all. Over 60 engineers are let go in the Santa Clara…


22nd Jun 2005 - 09:35pm Daily Scribble
Today continues the painful process of installing software. I get most of the software installed, and I realized I forgot to copy two very important pieces of information from my old hard drive, they are my firefox bookmark and palm desktop…

Computer Crash

21st Jun 2005 - 05:37pm Daily Scribble
Fortunately, I am able to recover the data from my harddisk after running fixboot, fixmbr, chkdsk /p and fdisk /mbr on the recovery console from the Windows XP CD. However, unfortunately, the OS is beyond repair, I can’t even start file…
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